How to prepare your tees or sweat-shirts for delivery or pick-up.

  1. Wash them, please. Any stains you send me will go into your quilt. No need to iron them and no need to use fabric softener.

  2. Small holes or rips can be repaired for a small extra charge.

  3. Label the side you want to use with masking tape, otherwise, I will use the side I like best.

  4. You can cut the sleeves off to save bulk in packing, otherwise please leave them intact.

  5. Tees and sweatshirts can be combined in the same quilt.

  6. Anything that can go into a photocopier, including photographs, documents, or medals, can be copied onto fabric. All documents are returned to you in their original condition.

  7. Your quilt will be as washable as the fabric you send me.

  8. All squares are stabilized on the back so even if the shirts are well worn the quilt will last a long time.

  9. A short personal message such as "Happy Anniversary from your friends" can be added to your back label, which will also contain the words “Created by Barbara Elias" and the date that your quilt was created. More elaborate labels can be created at extra cost.

  10. Surface embellishments are fine if it's for a wall hanging, so please feel free to send me buttons, badges, award ribbons, etc.

  11. Other clothing items also make great quilts! Men's ties, children's clothes, granny's aprons or handkerchiefs, can all be included. As these smaller items take more time and care, the price would be by quote

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