Precious Memories

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Preserved forever in a quilt or wall hanging
Your favourite photographs are transferred to fabric and quilted into a one-of-a-kind piece of textile art. Your wall hanging can be embellished with pet tags, collars or even favourite toys.
Every piece is unique, created especially for you by textile artist Barbara Elias.
Price depends on the number of pictures used and the finished size, and start at $200.00
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 Samples of Photo Transfer Quilts


 "Memories of My Homeland" was made for Roxanne, who moved from Romania to Paris.
Although we only had eight pictures, using interesting fabrics and different machine stitching patterns, we were able to create this wonderful memory wallhanging.

cassandra 16 birthday

 Sixteen pictures from her life so far enhance this king-size quilt for Cassandra's 16th birthday.

wedding gift for my husband

Pictures of his beloved Nascar automobiles, the lake where they first met at, the proposal on the wedding cake, his dog and family, all these pictures were e-mailed to me for inclusion on this special quilt.

I never met this lady who lived in the Far North, but it was a wonderfully thoughtful gift to her husband for their wedding. It hung at the wedding reception where it garnered many admiring comments.

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The Gwen and Don quilt
“This huge wall hanging is a story of their life together. Their wedding, Children, Family weddings, As Don is a farmer there are little pictures representing the farm, A show jumping Rosette is a proud reminder of their son's success.

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